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List of heads of state of Malta

This is a list of rulers and heads of state of Malta.

List of Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller and Sovereign Military Order of Malta

This is a list of Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller and its continuation Sovereign Military Order of Malta, starting with founder The Blessed Gerard in 1099.

Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order

The grand master (GermanHochmeisterLatinMagister generalis) is the holder of the supreme office of the Teutonic Order. It is equivalent to the grand master of other military orders and the superior general in non-military Roman Catholic religious ordersHochmeister, literally "high master", is only used in reference to the Teutonic Order, as GroƟmeister ("grand master") is used in German to refer to the leaders of other orders of knighthood.
An early version of the full title in Latin was Magister Hospitalis Sancte Marie Alemannorum Jerosolimitani. Since 1216, the full title Magister Hospitalis Domus Sancte Marie Theutonicorum Jerosolimitani ("Master of the Hospital House of St. Mary of the Germans at Jerusalem") was used.

List of Grand Masters of the Knights Templars

Each man who held the position of Grand Master of the Knights Templar was the supreme commander of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (also known as the Knights Templar), starting with founder Hugues de Payens in 1118. While many Grand Masters chose to hold the position for life, abdication was not unknown. Some masters chose to leave for life in monasteries or diplomacy. Grand Masters often led their knights into battle on the front line and the numerous occupational hazards of battle made some tenures very short.
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